CCAD gaining cash with CMH running ambulances

Posted October 11, 2012 at 10:17 am

The Cedar County Ambulance District is many dollars ahead of where it was at the same time last year. One major difference, of course, is the switch from St. John’s (now called Mercy) to Citizens Memorial Hospital (CMH) as the ambulance provider for Cedar County.

On the negative side, fuel prices have continued to rise eating into some of that profit.

On Monday, the Sun sat down with Ambulance Board Chairman Leroy Sousley to get his guidance through the financial reports from District Bookkeeper Kalena Kenny Bruce.

Bottom line – the total fixed assets of the CCAD increased $78,185.56 between Sept. 10, 2011, and Sept. 10, 2012.

Cash in bank has increased by $57,985.07, from $497,980.64 on Sept. 10, 2011, to $555,965.71 as of Sept. 10, 2012.

Meanwhile, tax revenue year-to-date has decreased by $5,211.60, from $311,868.61 on Sept. 10, 2011, to 306,657.01 as of Sept. 10, 2012.

According to the 2012 budget, the district made these gains to the net worth while the district is $38,007.47 behind on the revenue it expected (budgeted) to receive.

Interest income is down $673.22 from the same time last year – $2,618.76 to $1,045.64.

Contract labor (bookkeeping and mowing) is down $1,342. CMH does the mowing, a $542 saving. The bookkeeper contract is $100 a month less, plus she provides all the supplies.

There’s good news and bad news on fuel expenses. The fuel expense for the El Dorado Springs and Stockton ambulances has gone up about the same. ElDo expense was $7,524.66 in 2011 on the same date and jumped to $13,821.90 in 2012 to date. Stockton jumped from $8,026.05 to $13,038.93. The only good news is that credit card purchases for fuel dropped from $7,200.87 as of a year ago as of Sept. 10 to $483.89 so far this year. That helped hold down the increase in fuel costs to date to $4,593.14.

Vehicle maintenance, with CMH providing maintenance $1,500 or less per occurrence, is another bright spot in the budget. Vehicle maintenance bills dropped from $15,689.09 at this time in 2011 to $4,322.97, a decrease of $11,366.12.

The bill for ambulance equipment repair dropped from $1,410.39 in 2011 as of Sept. 10, to $0 this year with CMH handling all those expenses.

New equipment for the ambulances dropped by $2,126.10 from $2,896.10 to date in 2011 to $770 so far this year, again with CMH bearing those expenses.

Utlitity bills for this far in 2012 have dropped by $1,755.40 from $7,886.87 to $6,131.17.

The telephone bill, with CMH paying for all cell phones, has dropped by $506.45 to date, from $2,661.54 to $2,155.91.

Cleaning supplies have dropped by $113.87 from $118.52 in 2011 to date to $4.65.

Total supplies have dropped by $990.56 from $1,308.56 in 2011 to $318.

At this date in 2011, the ambulance district had paid St. John’s $165,394.12. So far in 2012, the district has paid CMH $177,262.52, an $11,868.40 increase, more than paid for by the savings in other categories.

Chairman Sousley pointed out that the bottom line figures were affected by the ambulance district spending money the way it is supposed to – about $72,000 for a new ambulance this year and about $30,000 on repairs to the El Dorado Springs ambulance barn.

The district is getting ready to spend another $70,000 on putting an ambulance box on a new truck chassis.

With all the savings and necessary expenses, the district is on track to possibly finish 2012 more than $100,000 ahead of last year, conservatively.

Chairman Sousley pointed out that these figures do not include the FRA (Federal Reimbursement Act) money which CMH has refunded to the district that St. John’s was going to keep.