The Rock Wall

Posted October 11, 2012 at 10:45 am

Last week we lost one of my fellow school bus kids from the Tiffin area, Ronnie Alexander, and this week we lost another of the mainstays of that area, Velda Faye Brackenridge King.

I never failed to have a lively conversation with her when I saw her in the office or anywhere else.

We e-mailed Adrian and Davis because Ms. Faye, as the kids called her, worked at Countryside Day Care when both of them were there. Adrian called right away. She remembered that Ms. Faye always called her Miss Priss.

Davis called, too, but said he was too young to remember her.

As Lynn Sadler, another of the kids on our school bus, wrote to me after Mom passed away, James and Jerry have joined the ranks of us adult orphans. One consolation is the wonderful, productive lives our parents led and the example they left after guiding us for all those years. But we still miss them.

– The Bulldog football team might be on track to be renamed the Comeback Kids. This week they were only down 18-13 at half. Last week it was 41-27.

In the second half, the two teams swapped leads too many times for my liking. You true football fans probably just loved it. Now 50-30 is more to my liking but I wasn’t comfortable until the last two minutes of the game.

I told Coach Ramsey when I interviewed him Monday, I was glad to finally see the new score board with zeroes for time remaining and the home team score higher than the visitor score. I took a photo of that for the record books. At the next home game, maybe we can PhotoShop that number in.

– Sunday after church we had a few minutes to kill before we went to the Cole-Hampton-Riverview reunion. We decided to go look at the sugar maples by Bill Huesman’s barn (Land That I Love). As we left Hwy. 54, I saw a wooly worm in overdrive crossing Hwy. 39. It was going twice as fast as I’ve ever seen one go.

On the way back from the under-performing sugar maples, I went straight at the curve and took Kimball to see Cowan Bridge for her first time. As I looked for a place to turn around, she said we should just keep going.

We were both in strange territory, so we just started dead reckoning like I have done in the past in every big city where I have lived. I told her the next bridge across Sac River was at Vilhauer Bluff (Blackjack) so I just kept taking the turns that kept us close to the river.

I started seeing a bluff on the other side of the river northwest of us and wondered if the buildings I saw included Chuck Warrick’s home. Soon there it was, the bridge at Blackjack. We went back out to Hwy. 54 on Hwy. W and were at the reunion on time. In fact, we were among the first ones there.

We enjoyed a lot of good conversation then some good food. After lunch, I didn’t say a word to anyone about what to do next. Kimball and I just went out to the car, got out our camera and flash and headed for the east side of the building. By the time we got there, they were carrying out chairs to place in front of the steps and started lining up folks. We’ll run the photo next week when we get the information for the cutline.

I’ve told you before how much fun it is to live in a community where everybody knows everybody and even what they are going to do next. But you already know that.