Posted October 11, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Mighty might teams 2012 4cc .tif

Pictured are all the teams. The coaches and officials are: (left from top down) Danny Woody, David Austin, Calvin Gish (Referee), James Edwards and Nathan Murry; (right from top down) Jason Babcock, Drex Salazar, Allen Collins, Eddie Lamb, Rusty Kephart, Eric Cooper and Tyler Poore (Not pictured: Coach Scott Witt and Referee Dale Carriker).

Danny Woody wrote: Four years ago, I got a call from Jason Babcock asking me to help him coach 3rd and 4th grade football in Stockton. He was taking his kids there to play since ElDo did not have little league football. I immediately knew we needed to change that. We started the following year by coaching 5th and 6th grade Mighty Mites and with Coach Bob Ramsey’s help, we added a flag football program for 1st through 4th grades. This year, with the help of the Nevada League’s equipment rental program, we were able to convert 3rd and 4th grades to tackle football. We now have four 1st and 2nd grade flag football teams, two 3rd and 4th grade tackle football teams and two 5th and 6th grade tackle football teams with over 100 kids and 16 coaches. We have a few kids from the Christian School but hope to have more next year by coordinating with Cammie Housh to provide registration information to everyone who would like to participate.

To have a sustained, successful football program you need to have the kids grade 1 thru 12 involved, running the High School’s offense and defense on all levels. We believe these kids in the Little League will be the future varsity team and will be better able to compete against other communities whose kids start playing younger than ours. History proves this point because the guys who played on the very first 5th and 6th grade Mighty Mites team here in ElDo went on to go to the semi-finals as a varsity team in 1999.

The conversion from flag to tackle was costly for the parents of 3rd and 4th graders who had to rent the equipment. We are actively seeking sponsors and donations toward buying our own equipment. We hope to work together with the community on fundraisers and seeking sponsors in the coming months to raise the needed $7,000. We want to outfit our kids in safe, quality equipment and get ElDo caught up with surrounding communities. I know the dollar figure is big but we have great people involved and we’re seeing a great community taking interest. We hope that once more people become aware of our program, they will support our program and vision and we will be able to reach our goals. Our next fundraiser will be selling t-shirts and other merchandise with the league logo. If you have other ideas for fundraisers or want to get involved or sponsor the program, contact Danny Woody at 296-2890 or Laura Woody at 296-2097.

We would like to thank our existing sponsors who made it possible to meet our immediate financial needs for the current season: Mike and Cammie Housh at Housh Family Dentistry, Harold Fugate at Fugate Motors, Mid-Missouri Bank, Gish Mechanical, Toshua Barnes at State Farm Insurance, Meeks and Jerry & Carleen Brackenridge at Brackenridge Brothers. We would also like to thank Kevin and Brandi McCullough at Evans Drugs for customizing and donating three first aid kits, LCN Graphics for providing printing services and Sarah at FatCat Designs for giving us discounts and free services. And last, we would like to thank Superintendent Mark Koca, Coach Bob Ramsey, teacher/photographer Becky Cooper and Shelly Gish along with the entire Soccer Association for their support.