The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County:

Billy R Luff, Fair Play, passing bad check – less than $500  6/5, $35.03 fine  6/28

Colby Prough, Lebanon, unlawfu use of drug paraphernalia  8/-4, 10 days incarceration jail, 6 months probation  6/28

Kenneth Eugene Jarrett, Stockton, unlawful use of weapon-subsection 1-carries concealed  1/17, 6 months jail, 6 months probation

The following traffic violations have been disposed in Cedar County:

Jenny E Cheek, El Dorado Springs, exceeded posted speed limit by 1 – 15 mph  11/11. $49.50 fine  6 /28

Paul Joseph Hudson, Bolivar, failure to register mtr veh  11/12, $24,40 fine  6/28

Roderick Alan Laub, Humansville, oper a mtr veh in a careless and imprudent manner involving an accident  5/10, $26.50 fine  6/28

City of Stockton v Justin Colvin, Stockton, expired plates  5/16, $26.50 fine  7/6

City of Stockton v Cameron S Dwerkotte, Stockton, expired plates, equipment violation  6/6,  $100 fine  6/29

The following civil cases have been disposed in Cedar County:

Midland Funding LLC v Merry Baker, Stockton.  Judgment entered  $2,365.80

Frances Ervin v Jeremiah Brandell, Stockton et al.  Judgment entered  $3,248

Midland Funding LLC v Marilyn Cooper, Stockton. Judgment entered  $1,118.27

Onemain Financial Services v Cindy Graham, El Dorado Springs. Judgment entered  $4,561.85

Cedar County Memorial H v Gregory A Ridenour, Jerico Springs, et al/Jennie N Ridenour. Judgment entered  $6,489.46

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