The following misdemeanors have been filed in Cedar County:

Cody Jo Boyd AKA Cody J Page, Nevada, tampering with motor vehicle -1st, resisting arrest/detention/stop by fleeing-creating a substantial risk of serious injur/death to any person, property damage 1st deg  1/13, 7 yrs DOC concurrent with other counts and Vernon Case nos 15VE-CR00094-01, 16VE-CR00049-01, 15 VE-CR00575-01 and 15VE-CR00651-01  9/18

Jenna N Koski AKA Jenna Nicole Baderdeen, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana  8/5/16, 5 yrs supervised probation 7/10

Jonathan Michael Marshall, El Dorado Springs, stat sodmy-1st-dev sex intr w/prs <14-ser phy inj/dspl deadly weap/dng inst/sbj vic intr w/>than one per/vic <12  1/16 /16, 12 yrs DOC, concurrent with parole  9/18

Tessa Marie McDonald, Stockton, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana  9/10/15, 5 year supervised probation  7/10/17

The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County:

William Scott Cain, El Dorado Springs, peace disturance  11/26, $100 fine  9/14

Zachary Dale Fry, Jefferson City, purchase/attempt to purchase or possession of liquor by minor  7/11, $200 fine  9/18

Christopher N Jackson, El Dorado Springs, possession of marijuana/synthetic cannabinoid or 10 grams or less  9/10, $100 fine, stealing  9/10, 5 days incarceration jail 9/10

The following traffic violations have been disposed in Cedar County:

City of Stockton v Jeremiah Dale Brandell, Stockton, equipment violation x 2  2/5/16 & 4/1/16, $83.50 9/14

Jessica Cooper, Stockton, fail to provide proper authorization for parking vehicle in handicap zone  9/16/16, $500 fine  9/14

Mike Allen Fox, Leawood, KS, exceeded posted speed limit by 1 – 5 mph  6/12, $281.50 fine  9/14

Larry Duane Koch, Stockton, operated mtr veh wth brakes not in good working order  7/10, $100 fine  9/14

James D Welch, Stockton, operate vehicle on hwy w/o a valid license  8/25, $74.50 fine  9/18

Claude Junior Zanoni, Stockton, operate vehicle on hwy w/o a valid license, no seat belt  8/15,  $84.50 fine  9/18

The following civil cases have been disposed in Cedar County:

Portfolio Recovery Assoc vs Marilyn F Cooper, Stockton. Judgment entered  $1,870.74

Cedar County Memorial Hospi v Scotti J Grubb et al, Tasha A Grubb, Stockton. Judgment entered $3,683.63

Ford Motor Credit v Paul Norbert Pflumm III, Stockton. Judgment entered  $4.560.10

Calvary SPV I, LLC v Regina Louise Ruthledge, El Dorado Springs.  Judgment entered $1,002.29

Cavalry SPI, LLC v Gayle West, Jerico Springs. Judgment entered  $1,1915.95

Nannie M Fugate v Kenneth G Worthington. Judmt full order protection

Tommarra W Kincheloe v Daniel Acevedo. Judgment full order  protection

Tena Highbie v Kristena  Bailey. Judgment full order protection

Keith Beisley v Kristema Bailey. Judgment full order protection.

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