The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County.

Kynsey K. Collins, Stockton, exceeded posted speed limit, 8-3-18 Fine: $100, 10-2-18.

Jackson Seth La Don Jones, Stockton, failure to register mtr veh, failed to cover or sufficiently secure vehicle load, 4-23-18. Fine: $161, 10-2-18.

Charles Edward Lentz Jr., Bolivar, operated mtr veh with brakes not in good working order, 8-24-18. Fine: $100, 10-2-18.

Anna Moriarty, Stockton, expired plates, 9-8-18. Fine: $26.50, 10-1-18.

Jackie L. Pyatt, Stockton, failed to register vehicle, 9-15-18. Fine: $26.50, 10-1-18.

Matthew Scott Tuesburg, Stockton, expired plates, 9-11-18. Fine: $26.50, 10-1-18.

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