Court Docket

August 8

City of El Dorado Springs vs:

Elizabeth Best, Speeding 44/25, $75.50

William Cain, throwing objects prohibit, $75.50

Deanna Cargill, DWR, $425.50

Darion Hammond, dist of the peace, DWS, fail to show proof of ins $526.50

Gavin Hutchison, illegal parked in handicap, $75.50

Amanda Johnson, DWR, fail to show proof of ins, wrong license plates, $675

Kristie Joplin, nuisance junk  & disabled veh 108 Hainline  $151

Pearl Kelley, FTStop stop sign, $75.50

Breanna Rhoades, speeding 48/35, $53.50

Kyle Schieffer, no alcoholic beverage in P, $125.50

Sherman Worthington, left scene of accident, $175.50

Doreen Cooper, speeding 38/25, $53.50

Gage Miller, no license plates, tall grass 26 Gay, $151


Austin Burlingame, assault, $225.50

Kenneth Cerney, no operator license, $75.50

Gary Greathouse, assault, $225.50

Sebastien Kelso, dist of the peace, contempt of court, $125.50, 5  days

Donald Peters, nuisance junk 600 N Main, 700 N Main, $651


Charles Croan, poss drug paraphernalia, $225.50

Chelsea Duncan, dist of peace fighting, $225.50

Zachary Helm, dist of peace fighting, DWS, $501

Jesus Selfridge, FTAppear per court order, $75.50

Bond forfeiture:

James Bonding, Stealing,

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