The St. Clair County Commission met Wednesday, Jan. 17, with Robert Salmon, presiding commissioner, Leroy Strope, north commissioner, Gerald Williams, south commissioner and Debbie Peden, county clerk present.

Presiding Commissioner Salmon gave a report on the Workforce Development Meeting which he attended on Jan. 16, 2018, in Sedalia.

Discussion regarding tire purchases, road conditions, etc.

CART contracts from Osceola and Appleton City Special Road Districts for 2018 were received.

Commissioners received the 2018 Budget for Osceola Special Road District.

Commissioner Strope made a motion to approve and sign the Order of Tax Sale Overplus 2017 redeemed by Mary Ratliff to fulfill the redemption process for Russell James. Commissioner Williams seconded the motion.

The Commissioners, County Clerk, Sheriff Keeler and Deputy Crocker discussed the budgets pertaining to the Sheriff and Jail.

Commission met Wednesday, Jan. 24, with Robert Salmon, presiding commissioner, Leroy Strope, north commissioner, Gerald Williams, south commissioner, Debbie Peden, county clerk and Marian McCaslin, administrative assistant present.

Rhonda Shelby, treasurer, was in to further discuss the County Webpage renewal.

Year 2018 Budget Hearing with the Commissioners and County Clerk/Budget Officer Debbie Peden was held at 10 a.m. Attending the meeting were Circuit Clerk Karen Hubbard, Treasurer Rhonda Shelby and Recorder Pat Terry.

Presiding Commissioner Salmon stated this is a sound, good and clean budget.

Debbie Peden stated the budget has been an easy process this year.

Discussed were prisoner count, funds for Road and Bridge and Assessment, new vehicle purchase and upkeep on Courthouse.

Lindsey Chaffin, representing Great River Associates, was in with final plans for the BRO Chloe Special Road District Bridge located on NE 1270 Rd. Chaffin stated that the plans will be submitted to MoDot and upon approval bidding process can begin.

Commissioner Strope made a motion to approve Year 2018 County Budgets as presented by County Clerk/Budget Officer Debbie Peden. Motion passed by vote.

The Commissioner met with MoDot Representatives Roger Mann, Matt Geiger, Danny Roeger and Steve Uptegrove regarding recent MoDot Bridge Inspections.

Commission met Monday, Jan. 29, with all present.

Commissioner Williams made a motion to approve Tax Additions and Abatements #3969 and # 3970. Motion carried.

The Commissioners signed 2018-2019 Assessment Maintenance Plan Agreement.

The Commissioners telephoned Mike Keith Insurance regarding Certificates of Insurance and reported there is no machinery or cars on payments.

The Commissioners reviewed the bi-ennial MoDot Bridge Inspections Report and sent copies to the Special Road Districts.

Commissioner Strope reported on the West Central Board Meeting he attended Thursday evening, Jan. 25, 2018.

The Commissioners signed the approved Budgets for Year 2018.

Commission met Wednesday, Jan. 31, with all present.

The Commissioners met with Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran and discussed motor graders locations, pipe installation, tires, equipment and equipment repair.

A local citizen won the drawing for a premium wall map provided by Plat Book Publishers Mapping Solutions.

A sales representative from Foley Equipment was in to visit with the Commissioner.

The Commissioners received an Ordinance from the City of Osceola regarding dumpsters.

The Commissioners continued work on updating Personnel Policy Handbook.

County Clerk Deputy Holly Fletcher discussed dental insurance billing with the Commissioners.

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