April 30, fraudulent us of credit/debit device at 15500 block E. Toffee Rd., Nevada.

April 30, stealing at 14000 block S. 1525 Rd., Nevada.

April 30, domestic assault 4th degree 1st offense at 12200 block S. Wall St.

May 1, domestic dispute at 2300 block E. Indian Line Rd., Richards.

May 1, property damage 2nd degree at 10200 block E. Panama Rd., Nevada.

May 2, harassment 2nd degree at 200 block W. Third St., Schell City.

May 3, stealing at 100 block W. Hickory St., Nevada.

May 3, driving while revoked/suspended  – 1st offense at E. Atlantic St., Nevada.

May 4, stealing at 14900 block E. Pawhuska Rd., Nevada.

May 4, DWI – person less than 17 years of age in vehicle at E. 54 Hwy., Nevada.

May 5, driving while revoked/suspended – 2nd offense at S. 1550 Rd., Nevada.

May 5, burglary – 1st degree at 21000 block E. Troop Rd., Milo.

May 5, domestic dispute at 14600 block E. Redcoat Rd., Nevada.

May 6, theft/stealing of any firearm at 500 blcok E. Barrett Ave., Walker.

May 6, Harassment – 2nd degree at 400 block E. Maple St., Moundville.

May 6, Domestic assault – 4ht degree, 1st offense at 22600 block E. B Hwy., Sheldon.

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