Jan. 25, burglary-2nd degree at 10700 block E. 54 Hwy., Nevada.

Jan. 25, structure fire at 2900 block S. 2700 Rd., Schell City.

Jan. 26, stealing-$750 or more at 12000 block S. Moeshe Ave., Richards.

Jan. 26, animal bite at S. 1491 Rd., Nevada.

Jan. 26, robbery 2nd degree-gas station at 2500 block E. Austin Blvd., Nevada.

Jan. 27, resisting/interfering with arrest for a felony at E. Totten Rd., Milo.

Jan. 28, tampering with motor vehicle-1st degree at 20200 block S. BB Hwy., Nevada.

Jan. 28, burglary-2nd degree and 9500 block S. 1463 Rd., Nevada.

Jan. 29, burglary 2nd degree forced-nr-unknown at 19400 block S. 600 Rd. Milo.

Feb. 1, structure fire at 24300 block S. 2425 Rd., Milo.

Feb. 1, animal abuse-1st offense at 25100 block E. Whipsaw Rd., Sheldon.

Feb. 2, unlawful possession of a firearm at 17500 block E. Stockade Rd., Nevada.

Feb. 3, driving while revoked/susdended-2nd offense at N. I49, Nevada.

Feb. 3, assault 2nd-degree at 13100 block E. Stockstill Rd., Nevada.

Feb. 3, animal abuse-1st offense at 19100 block S. BB Hwy., Nevada.

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