I heard the Ch. 10 weather lady say Tuesday morning that this was one of the coldest Aprils on record for the entire month. She was more specific than that but I didn’t write it down. And she didn’t have to tell any of us. I think she said 11 mornings were below freezing.

Even Mark Boch is having trouble finding mushrooms. Davis looked in some of our spots and didn’t find a one.

Larry Dablemont echoed my sentiments about hunting turkeys. If they aren’t gobbling, he and I aren’t going.

Mary is concerned about her big backyard pecan tree. She said it should have bloomed already and it hasn’t even leafed out.

– Adrian sent us some six-month pictures of Van (on April 28). In one, he’s sitting in a tiny chair, but in the photo you can see either Cain or Adrian’s hand at the ready so he won’t nose dive out of the chair. He weighs 16 lbs. at six months and is 26 inches tall. I think I remember Adrian weighing 20 lbs. at six months.

– Lt. Governor Mike Parson visited all over El Dorado Springs on Friday with Kimball and the rest of the press in tow at City Hall, but she was the only one who accompanied his entourage to DairiConcepts, Cedar Creek Beef Jerky and Harleman Manufacturing. If Mike should ever become governor (and he hasn’t said a word), he wouldn’t need to be introduced to El Dorado Springs and Cedar County. I think it is a plus that he brought  his “Buy Missouri” campaign here.

– In June, the MDC will drain the entire Schell (North) Lake. Starting about mid-month, the MDC will permit fishermen to use alternative methods to salvage any trapped fish. Some guys have caught some huge cats out of there. The MDC thinks most of the fish will leave during early draining. Still, there is the potential for big fish with slick skin or scales.     KL