My thoughts have been off the wall since Friday when Kimball checked me into Cedar County Memorial. I heard the nurses repeatedly refer to UTI which got totally out of hand during the evening.

I was so sick I couldn’t even stay awake and stand up for the nurses to clean me up. But they got me thru it and by daylight I was feeling better. Took until Tuesday for them to let me go.

Dr. Casey had some name for it that eluded me. I think it boiled down to a bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection then crossed over into my bloodstream,

And I didn’t even know for sure that I was sick until after I was in the hospital.

I’m going to ask the good doctor if they (being his staff or the hospital staff) can perform a routine exam every few weeks so we can catch this before it becomes a raging monster. Kimball says this has happened before – going from maybe to gosh awful in a blink – kinda like one of our neighbor’s bull calves that decides in a heartbeat that he owns the place, that, “NO” he’s not going into that corral and “NO” he’s not going to let the neighbor stay their either. Last one that took on a attitude became a steer then prime beef.

– The good news is that I discovered again what a great staff we have at our hospital. If you want to talk about a caring bunch of health care professionals, I’m ready.

One morning a new RN in training was working with me. Then her younger boss showed up. I instantly recognized Bailey Bailey, who got married next door at the Leeper Center a couple of weeks ago.

When it was time to do a formal evaluation, the RN in training, Sam, who had chatted with me for maybe 10 minutes, was going to have me ID myself from scratch. I said, “Wait, Bailey knows me.” Bailey laughed as she confirmed that yes, she has known me all her life.

As I was checking out Tuesday morning, Bailey asked me to mention that Bolivar is training at Cedar County Memorial.

I told Kimball and one of my regular daytime nurses about Sam, an RN nurse in training from Bolivar who loves seafood. My regular nurse thought I was still talking out of my head because she didn’t know any nurse named Sam at Cedar County Memorial. Took a couple of days, but she knows her now and Kimball met Sam. They’ll talk seafood recipes later.

  – Seems several of you believed me about the chicken and noodles by Moses Eicher’s mother-in-law and went to try to buy some. I was going to go buy some myself. Moses reports that she sells just the noodles, but now she’s thinking about it.

-In an email announcing some back to school business, Dr. Tracy Lanser included an extra thought: “Don’t mind criticism. If it’s untrue, disregard it; if it’s unfair, keep from irritation; if it’s ignorant, smile; if it’s justified, learn from it.” Unknown. I think I’m noticing a trend that a principal with a PHD finds more profound thoughts.

Sounds like a bit of wisdom from the boss in case someone doesn’t agree with the ruling. KL

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