Last week, I received some info I thought was so important I called El Dorado Springs Fire Chief Bob Floyd and took him a copy of last week’s paper so he could read the article on Page 11 about the danger of grain bins which killed 26 in 2010. There will be a special display at the Missouri State Fair all day Thursday, Aug. 16. If you are there, please go see it. If you can’t attend the fair, watch these potentially life-saving videos at Also see and see

  The other evening I was talking with a local businessman about things in general. Suddenly, he changed the topic slightly saying that Kevin McCullough is really a positive force in the town with all the kids’ programs he supports.

Then he got even more serious. He said Kevin had likely saved his life. The man said he was seeing a doctor in El Dorado Springs and some in Springfield, but he has all his prescriptions run through Evans Drugs.

Once he sent his wife to pick up a prescription from a Springfield doctor. Kevin told her it wasn’t ready because he had to call the doctor.

The next time the man had an appointment with his main Springfield doctor, the doctor told him, “You’ve got a heck of a pharmacist in El Dorado Springs.” He said that one of the doctors had prescribed a drug that could have reacted to a drug the man was already taking from another doctor and could have killed him.

The man told his doctor, “You weren’t taking care of me.” The doctor said, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t prescribe it.”

The man said he only gets his prescriptions from Evans because of that. I told him I often get long distance cell phone calls from pharmacies wanting to package my prescriptions for daily doses delivered to my door. I always tell them, “I have a local pharmacist I like. I want to patronize him to keep him in business. So you are wasting your breath and my time.”

They have about stopped calling.

– Davis accompanied his son, Ben, to an open house Monday evening, a first for both of them. It’s been almost 20 years since Kimball and I had to attend school events like that.

Adrian and Cain are just getting started. Van has graduated to the “Wobbly” class with five  of his buddies. Right now, Van is in an International day care where the caregivers speak only Spanish.

The first of September, his parents are going to move Van to a day care that is 15 minutes closer. I guess he, at almost 10 months, will have to learn to jabber in English.

– Davis went frogging on a Nevada lake in his kayak. He had to use my Louisiana frogging net on every one… except for the one that jumped in the kayak. When he cleaned them he left the legs attached to each other and Kimball wrapped them in bacon for grilling. Best I ever had.

– Gwen and her two young  ‘uns, Brittany and Josh, returned safely from a visit with her parents in Parks, AR, about 60 miles south of Ft. Smith. One time when she went, the river flooded and extended her visit a few days. Not that much rain this year.

– I heard from the Smiths at church Sunday that Lynn is doing his best to keep his mashed foot completely immobile so the swelling will go down and doctors can operate. Concrete trucks aren’t kind even to their owners. Big brothers are, though. Larry disappeared for a while from the church dinner while he took Lynn a plate.        KL

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