Saw a piece on TV Thursday evening that was a follow-up on the 15 passenger van wreck on Hwy. 13 that killed three Kansas youth group teens and injured 10 others.

The report said that a testing agency has determined that 15 passenger vans are more likely to roll over when they are loaded.

If your school or group uses a 15 passenger van I’d advise you to do some checking.

– My last cutline Tuesday, Aug. 14, didn’t make the paper. It told of a couple of family relationships for the owners of Pappy’s restaurant. Somebody got busy after I went home and forgot it.

Did you wonder, as I did, why they feature the late Marvin Rosbrugh alongside Pappy on the Wall of Fame  in the SW corner of the main dining room?

I knew Marvin as a school superintendent, farmer and bank owner.  When I went back to Pappy’s Tuesday evening to fill in a couple of blanks after I had written our article and cutlne on opening night. I was told that Marvin’s daughter is, Mary Beth, co-owner of the restaurant. Her husband, Stan, is a son of Pappy who had the dream of opening a restaurant.

When Kimball and I went there to eat Saturday night, the smorgasbord line had run out of white gravy. I don’t like beef gravy. I asked a lady who came by if they were going to make more. She told me that she had not asked.

I turned to a distinguished looking gentleman who looked like he might have some authority. When I asked him, he said, “I don’t know. I’ll go ask.” I said, “I’ll wait.”

When he came back from the kitchen, the gentleman said, “They are making more. I’ll deliver it to your table.” I pointed out where Kimball was sitting and joined her.”

After quite a while, the gentleman came back with a bowl of hot white gravy. I went right to work on it. Then he came to our table and sat down. It was Steve Benton, older brother of Stan. He’s a retired college math teacher who taught high school math in the early 70’s in El Dorado Springs before he advanced to a college in Texas.

Pretty soon, Stan came and occupied the other chair at our table. They had lots of tales and Pappy sayings that you’ll have to get from them. Pappy was a character and passed it on to his sons. They kept us entertained.


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