Remember when I told you that three big things happened during the Picnic and I only told you two of them?

Well, I can tell you the third one now. I’ve forgotten what the first two were in the excitement over this one.

Davis, Erica and Ben kidnapped Adrian and Van after they picked them up at KCI on Thursday of the Picnic and took them to their house in Nevada. We had a command performance to go to their house for Davis to cook hamburgers and hotdogs. I thought it was strange to be going to a cookout on the first day of the Picnic but Kimball told me to keep quiet and go. Good thing we didn’t have class reunions to shoot like we used to.

Anyway, the cookout went well in the sweltering heat with their little gazebo giving us some relief. Davis is a pretty good cook.

We went inside the house for ice cream with fresh fruit – and a definite climate change to A/C.

Then Davis disappeared to another room and came back with a small paper sack. He mumbled something as he revealed the contents – a tiny black onesie that sported white letters proclaiming Baby Long March 2019.

I was so slow that I thought, “Why are they getting that for Van? It’s already too small.”

Adrian and Kimball got it right away. We’re going to have another grandchild. Davis and Erica wanted to tell it while Adrian was here for the Picnic. They didn’t want me to tell you until later in the first trimester. Davis checked with me twice this evening to see if I had written the Rock Wall yet to be sure I told you the big news. He’s excited.

Erica went to the doctor last week and got a tentative arrival date of March 17, one day after Dad’s birthday and four days before Margaret’s.

Needless to say, we are pleased. We are anxious to see what we get. The ultra sound doesn’t show any detail. The doctor did say it is a very active baby.

More responsibility. Another one to pray for. KL

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