At lunch the other day, some of the guys were talking about passport photos the many people may need soon with changes in the ID law. I’ve been doing passport photos for maybe 30 years. Make an appointment with me. $15. Quick turn around.

My trip to the goal line a long time before the Bulldogs got close last Friday night quickly paid results. Shelby McKinney caught a pass on about the three yard line, momentarily assessed the situation, then launched himself into the end zone taking two Sherwood defenders to paydirt with him. It happened so fast (and so close to me) that I wasn’t sure what I had on film until I downloaded the pictures the next day.

– Like almost everyone in and around town I was concerned by Dr. Rick Casey’s health scare. I knew the Clinic could not give me details but I called Tuesday and asked about him. The lady who answered told me she could say that he is better and he will be back at work. We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

– I was getting a little worried about my new friend, Larry Lewellin, because I hadn’t seen him walking his Rotweilers since before the Picnic when I told you about him.

Well, last Wednesday morning, here he came down Main Street with one of his pooches named Bear in some language. (All his pets, even his late cat, are named bear in some language) Larry said he had just been taking different streets on their morning walks. He did say that he saw the Rock Wall where I introduced him to you and “it was the best one ever.”

– We’re going to try the Sun with no color for awhile, like it was for over a hundred years.

-I checked with Adrian about 5 p.m. Tuesday to see if they were anticipating Hurricane Gordon in Baton Rouge. “Not really,” she said. It was Van’s first time at a new daycare that is 10 minutes closer to their house. He didn’t seem to care. Cain is checking on his company’s construction equipment at Grand Isle to make sure it doesn’t get caught in a flood.

Adrian said Gordon is forecasted to hit in Mississippi which puts them in Baton Rouge on the relatively calm side of the storm.

– A news network was interviewing an old friend of John McCain who said when the late senator found a good joke, he’d tell it to everyone. Like the time two inmates were talking in the prison yard about the quality of the food. One told the other, “It was a lot better when I was governor.” KL

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