It’s FAKE.

Someone has posted a press release saying the MDC has banned mushroom hunting on public lands and around lakes. The piece of fiction went on to say the MDC is considering a $50 license to hunt mushrooms and that the fine is $4 a mushroom.

The MDC sent me a press release Monday saying it is all a hoax.

Hope the perpetrator gets a thousand extra ticks.

– Brad and Mary’s cat named Kat stopped eating and drinking for about a week. They tried to get her in to see Dr. Collins but the first opening was in late May. Dr. Mitchell’s office didn’t have an opening but said they could come and wait to get worked in.

Mary thought that as skittish as Kat is she would have a fit when Dr. Mitchell handled her. But she didn’t bite or scratch when he turned her every way but loose. The few times he let Kat go, she’d siddle over to Brad. Diagnosis: Moving anxiety. She knows Brad and Mary are going to sell their house and move and doesn’t like it.

Dr. Mitchell put some food on the roof of her mouth and she swallowed it. He gave her a couple of little shots and as soon as she got home, she ate some food and drank some water.

How does she know? Cats just know things like that, Dr. Mitchell said.

Mary knows a lady who goes to California for a week every every spring. The day she was due to fly back to the airport, her little dog sat behind her husband’s legs for an hour and just pushed gently on them. When it was time to leave for the airport, her husband got up and left home leaving the little dog.

How did the dog know? Don’t know. Maybe the dog remembered a year ago.

Our little Pekinese, Bob, always knew when it was Wednesday, the day Mom and Dad brought her to the office to help get the papers out. She was ready to get into the pickup when they were about to leave home.

They’d open the back door at our old office across the street and let Bob in. Kimball would drop to her knees by the front counter and holler, “Bobbers.”  The little lady would run full speed and pile into Kimball’s lap.

Dr. Mitchell told Brad and Mary that your cat sometimes knows what you are  going to do before you do.

– We hadn’t seen Reese since the Saturday before Easter so we did the grandparent thing and went to Nevada Sunday afternoon to see her, Ben, Erica and Davis. Reese had kept Erica up most of Saturday night and was sleeping it off Sunday. She was snoring peacefully in her rock-a-roo when we arrived, continued when Grandma held her for a half hour or so, when I took her and when Davis put her back in the rock-a-roo. I haven’t heard if she kept somebody up all Sunday night.

Late word from Davis: she kept us awake.

Adrian started her first week in the world sleeping all day and playing all night. I took a Thursday off and stayed home with Adrian to keep her awake all day. Talk about a cranky baby. But she slept all that night and mostly from then on unless she was sick. She had a rule: If Adrian couldn’t sleep, no body slept.

Now she has Van in bed by 8 p.m. I need to try that schedule.

Correction from the momma – She said I didn’t keep Adrian home all day because she was a nursing baby and had to be connected to Momma several times during the day. OK, I kept her awake all day somewhere. KL

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