I asked Gwen and Kimball if they had anything for the Rock Wall. No help there.

I did get a lot of help from Jeanne Hoagland on the mammogram article and cutline.

At first I thought about headlining the cutline for the two radiologist ladies “Scan Artists,” but Kimball said the procedure is not a scan, it’s an x-ray.  Then I headlined it, “Looking for trouble.” Jeanne came back suggesting “Looking for signs of trouble.”

With a death from breast cancer worldwide every 50 seconds, among women and men, it would seem to be good trouble to avoid and a painless and effective way to avoid it without having to drive to Timbucktoo.

– I just got some great news Monday from my life long friend, Kenny Smith. He’s been battling leukemia, hairy cell cancer, out in Idaho. He had an allergic reaction every time they started giving him chemo. So, he went to M.D. Anderson, the premier cancer hospital. They started him off at let’s call it 100 speed of injection and he could tolerate it. They increased it to 200 with no problem. When they pushed the injection speed up to 300, he broke out in hives and started itching. They dropped it back to 200 speed and he took the entire dosage.

When they checked his blood, the white cells were normal. He went back to his hometown doctor who pronounced him in remission.

Kenny and I share the same birthday. He just got to it two years before I did.

– Truman Lake is now at a record level – 739 which is 33 feet above normal pool. If we get more rain, I don’t know if they can let it out the floodgates fast enough to keep the water from overflowing the dam or that section they built up north of Warsaw.

– Davis, Erica and Reese spent Sunday night at the office because the electricity was off at their house in Nevada. The storm blew a tree down on the power line. The owner paid an “electrician” to repair the line. The city inspector said it wasn’t up to code and wouldn’t turn their electricity back on. So, they spent Sunday night at our office so they would have A/C. Erica had a 20 minute longer drive to work Monday and Davis was early for his job here. Reese didn’t care as long as she had Momma and Dad…and A/C. Ben got to spend the night with cousins.

-Adrian said that Van now calls his dog Mer. (The name is Merle.) At 19 months, Van may be getting a tad rough with Mer. First thing of a morning, Van tackles Mer who promptly runs off leaving Van crying. Hope Mer doesn’t develop a temper and discipline his tormentor.

– I watched the softball regional championships over the weekend. Those games are FAST. One night, Alabama was ahead of Florida 15-0 until near the end of the game when Florida got three runs, not enough to avoid the run-rule loss. The next night, Alabama lost to Oklahoma who will face UCLA in the national champion games this week on ESPN. I just saw on my computer that UCLA blew out the Sooners 16-3 Monday night. It might all be over Tuesday night in the best of three. KL

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