On Monday, Kimball and I had just finished eating lunch when Mary came in with a sheet of paper which she handed me. I saw that it was an obituary and started reading it. I saw that it was for a Mrs. Sheldon who was a co-owner of the funeral home and thought it was Randy’s mother. A few sentences in I realized to my shock it was for Randy’s wife, Debbi.

I don’t claim to know her well, but talked to her at length several times when I called the funeral home and got forwarded to Osceola. She was a really pleasant lady and always got me what I needed on an obituary.

With the death of their son while he was duck hunting a few years ago, that family has really been through a lot.

– I handled an email this week that reported our familiar red cedar is actully a spruce.So now, will some purists demand we change the name to Spruce County?

-At the boys basketball game the other night, I sat in the Braden corner with Joel’s wife, Chrystie, and their kids, Kellen and Cora, her parents, Vic and Margie, and Chrystie’s, brother Aaron. I told Chrystie that their son was in a baby carrier when I saw therm last. Now, Kellen and Cora are totally at home on the sideline of a basketball game their dad is coaching. A fan asked me the score of the Stockton game the previous evening. I quickly referred him to Chrystie who told him the score and game him some exciting details of the one point loss.

– Tuesday while Kimball and I were eating lunch, a young man delivered food to John and Connie Leonard at the table behind us and apologized, “I’m sorry about the weight.” He was as skinny as a rail. Why do waiters and waitresses to that? Why don’t they just  diet?

– Sunday morning the thermometer read -1 about 6 a.m. It stayed at -1 on my pickup’s windshield all the way to Concord Church. As I was returning home about 6:30 a.m., the reading went to -4 and stayed there until I got to Ruscha Hill then it went to -3 the rest of the way home. Monday morning, the thermometer on the side of the house said about -5. Tuesday morning it said 20 ̊.

– The weather guessers say it will get up to about 60 ̊ on Christmas day. So much for a white Christmas.

– OK, it’s time to wish you a Merry Merry. Next week it will be a Happy Happy.

Seriously, I do hope you and yours have a Merry and Joyous Christmas. For those who only go to church on Christmas and Easter, this will be a real treat – preaching Sunday. Wouldn’t it be great if someone(s) found the ultimate gift that day, the forever gift? Hope they do.  KL