Remember in the Bible where God told Israel to wait to attack the enemy until the wind moved in the top of the mulberry trees? The other morning as I was eating breakfast, I looked out the south patio window and every tree I saw for a couple hundred yards or more, regardless of size, was moving. All I had to attack was my breakfast.

– The ice storm was not as bad as forecasted, but who’s complaining? It was bad enough to cancel school on Friday and church on Sunday. We went to the office Friday in my 4×4 pickup with studded tires using County Line road because it is all gravel until it hits Hwy. 82 at Julian Ready Mix. MoDOT is good about taking care of the curves. I had to go back again Saturday morning because I forgot to get some Meusinex. I went home Saturday by Hwy. 54 and Cedar County 601. Never slipped a wheel either way.

I could tell everybody listened to the weather warnings – almost no one on the road. Suits me. I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about the other guy or gal losing control.

– I got an unwelcome surprise Monday from an email Gwen got off the website contact page. It told that one of my fraternity brothers, Paul Langwisch, died Saturday from a bicycle accident. I called Marge Vance, our economic developer, who told me several weeks ago she had met Paul and another of my fraternity brothers, Steve Cronin, in Columbia. Turns out Marge knew a lot about the accident. Paul was an avid biker even taking his bike apart to transport it in the back seat with him on vacation in Florida to knock off long rides. He was on his way back to the house he was renting and was trying to turn left, Marge said, when the tragedy occurred.

The story gets even more complicated. I thought I recognized the maiden name of the lady who relayed the message for Paul’s sister. She replied to my query confirming that we had been friends about 47 years ago before I graduated from MU and went to Birmingham to work.

– Kimball tells me we have a first baby. Waylon Floyd Woody was born Jan. 10, 2017, to Tiffany and Matt Woody, El Dorado Springs, in Nevada Regional Medical Center. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. We decided to wait to get the proud papa back in town before taking the official photo. I recognize the middle name as the first name of his late, feisty grandpa.

– Does anyone else see the irony of Ben Vickers, from a family of devout Vernon County Democrats, performing with the Missouri University Chorale at the presidential and vice presidential inauguration this Friday of Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence? The choir was scheduled Oct. 7, long before any Americans knew who would be elected. I suppose his dad, Kyle, and uncle, Kendall, might tell us that the Republicans had to turn to the Democrats for real talent. There is no doubt that Ben is truly talented. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard Ben espouse any political views. Great young man. I started to say great kid, but then realized that most of us have to look up to him at his height… and at his talent level. KL