Well, folks, he was right. He was sick. So sick he ended up in the Hospital in Springfield. Nasty kidney infection. They’ll spring him this week and he’ll re-hab in Eldo.

When I called him and asked if he had anything for the Rock Wall, a question he always asks us on Tuesdays, he was ready to knock something out on Adrian’s computer right there in the hospital room. I told him to save his strength for next week.

Adrian drove up from Baton Rouge on Monday and has spent the last two days with her dad in the hospital. We hope to see her on Wednesday. She’s been staying with her good friend Casey Collins Crocker and family in Springfield.

I noticed the forsythia in bloom the other day. It kind of took me by surprise, but in my yard I have daffodils and green leaves indicating daffodils to come in the near future. There are grape hyacinths and jumbo crocus just waiting for the chance. There’s a whole bunch of stuff in the west yard that we rustled from various places that should be popping up shortly.

Have ya’ll noticed that tall, skinny cactus that’s in my font window?  I need to separate it from the fluffy cactus it shares a pot with. Any ideas?

We’re re-arranging stuff here at the office. There are desks and boxes and odds and ends everywhere. We have three desks that need a new home that we’ll sell for $20 each. I also have hamsters – cute, baby, dwarf hamsters that need good homes.

And last – I need   someone to work on Wednesday mornings. Apply in person.

Kenny is scheduled to return  to the Rock Wall next week.