Well, I’m back at my desk trying to fly my computer.

I spent a good part of a couple of days recalling steps I invented.

My in-basket was a monster – over 500 emails and more kept coming. I conquered the last one about 5 p.m. Tuesday. What a relief. I hope I worked them all correctly and got your little darlin’s in the paper. I had great help on this end from Mary, Gwen, Kimball and Davis.

– All the time I was in Community Springs I got updates on Martha Dobbs. As soon as I got out, I heard of her passing. Martha was the same generation as Dad and Mom. I stubbed my bare toes on the same rocks as her kids down at our Uncle Cleo’s and Aunt Thelma’s. She was the glue that held her family together. We’ll all miss her.

– Amazingly, the staff at Community Springs still spoke to me and took good care of me after I gave them a hard time last week. They appeared to see it was my attempt at humor. I will have to say that I’m getting better sleep at home without the middle of the night pill sessions.

– I got a whole new perspective on the community at the nursing home – staff and residents. What a hardworking crew. Got a follow-up call on Tuesday inviting me back anytime.

– The night of the tornado close call, I saw something that was cute beyond words. With the storm sirens blaring and rain and wind pounding, I went into the lobby to look at the birds in their cage in the corner.

Not a one of the 30 or more finches was in sight.

I looked more closely. There were at least two, maybe more, wedged snugly in every nest.

Wonder what lessons we could learn from them? KL