Had an appointment with Dr. Casey last Thursday. He said I looked and sounded good. His parting words were that he expected the Rock Wall to get back to normal. “It has been lacking.”

Had an appointment in Springfield Friday with my urologist, the one who installed the garden hose size catheter and a stint. Dr. Johnson said he could remove both on the spot or I could some back to be anesthetized. I chose immediate.

I think his two nurses had a tug war with the garden hose then they hit me with some numbing gel for the grande finale. Ten or 15 minutes later Dr. Johnson breezed back into the exam room. All he had to do was kinda mutter, “Deep breath,” and I was breathing on the top 1/8 inch of my lungs for the next several minutes.

The good part – as Buddy King said Saturday when we discussed it outside Bulldog Brew, “I didn’t embarrass myself.”

Now let’s get back to things that really matter in our county.

The guy Kimball had fence sittin’ on the front page last week was a mile and a half too far north. Quail cross Lake Hill Road 1.5 miles straight south of there. Of course, he’d have to judge between totally wild and ones Doc Neale has released.

-Another good thing – my cat isn’t mad at me for leaving him. Saturday morning after breakfast, I decided I needed a nap. As I headed for the bed. I called to Caddeaux who was laying on the glassed in train Jerry Carpenter did for us. As I got to the bed, Caddeaux hopped on his chair in the sunshine ready for our nap.

– After the Ambulance Board meeting I spoke with Presiding Commissioner Marlon Collins on the phone about whether a new ambulance barn is warranted in Stockton. He asked if I had walked through the existing facility. I have not except for the living room where meeting used to be held. He has. He said the existing facility has small sleeping rooms with poor insulation that lets in most sounds from Hwy. 32 and the kitchen between. He advocated a walk-through before a person makes up his or her mind. I want you to know I called Marlon and read this to him to give him a chance to modify his comments. When I finished he said, “Absolutely.” He said he told John Wilson that the CCAD board should invite citizens to come see for themselves. The special CCAD meeting in the Stockton facility at 6 p.m. Monday would be a good opportunity to do that.

If Marlon seems a little tight-jawed when you see him, it means the double miter cuts on expensive crown molding did not go as planned or hoped. He said I stopped him just before his first attempted cut to read his comments to him.

– My health insurance provider called me Monday while I was at the gas pump to set up a routine appointment with my health care provider. I would hazard a guess that at the 2:45 p.m. Thursday appointment, I’ll find out if my Rock Wall creativity is still a quart low. KL

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