Picnic’s over… for most folks, but not for us. We’re sorting through photos, selecting and printing shots and writing cutlines.

We plan to publish photos of the various winners this week except for the Run For A Reason. We have to get those identified for publication next week or later.

For Finley Keen, our summer intern, it was trial by ordeal. She likes to shoot photos and got to do lots of that at the Thursday and Friday morning games with me as her coach. Then Davis had Finley work a lot of the photos she had taken.

As I sit here chatting with you, Finley is working the baby photos I shot Saturday morning. By work, I mean select the best of three shots, crop it to 2 columns wide and PhotoShop it for the paper – both black and white and color. Kimball uses the black and white photos to lay out the paper then Gwen and Davis find the corresponding color photos for pagination.

– Thursday and Friday Finley and I stayed in the shade at the tennis courts in the Park while the kids raced turtles, jumped frogs, threw water balloons, played catch with water balloons, kicked their tennis shoes, hula hooped as long as they could keep it up. Even in the shade I got sunburned and almost overheated. Connie Esry and Tonia Molz rescued me. As soon as Tonia dropped me off at my pickup in the big golf cart, I was OK.

I think it was Thursday night I shot the Talent Show winners.

Saturday morning, Kimball photoed the golf cart winners while I took photos at baby contest.

Folks, this was the hottest Picnic I remember. Several people told me they didn’t attend because of the heat. City Manager Bruce Rogers said that Picnic carnival receipts were down about $2,000 for that reason, he thinks.

OK, let’s hope for a cool(er) spell during the Picnic next year. KL

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