Travis Stoll, at the Bulldog Brew, said that several of you commented on my mention of him in the Rock Wall, but at least one wondered aloud what that had to do with hot peppers. Nuthin’.  It just gave me a chance to familiarize you with Travis.

I thought the next day after I wrote that Rock Wall that I missed the chance to tell you about his trip to Las Vegas Aug. 1 and his big win there. No, not at the one armed bandits. He was there three days and lost $35.

He went to Las Vegas with two goals – 1) get married, which he and Monica did; and 2) to eat some food prepared by a big name chef. He paid $20 for a hamburger and fries.

How were they? He said, “I prefer mine.”

I wonder if it would be appropriate to call marriage a constrained risk which we learned last week is defined as experiencing an extreme sensation without actual harm. No, I didn’t ask and he didn’t say.

– School gets back in full tilt Wednesday. We’ll have Red/Black scrimmages for softball and volleyball on the first day. Football did it’s thing last Friday night/Saturday morning. The players will hit it again this Friday night with the Cedar Bowl against Stockton here.

– Kimball says, “Eclipse is coming. Don’t look at it with naked eyes. Put some clothes on those eyes.”

I wonder if you could look at it from behind a welder’s hood. I kinda expect it to be a cloudy day. That would protect us from ourselves.

What amazes me is the ability of some folks to predict the eclipse and exactly where it will be seen.

– I was impressed by the virtual tour the two ladies from Dake Wells gave the board. That’s how they prepare the drawings now instead of plain-o sheets of paper.

Oh, I think Supt. Mark Koca said they hope to have the new construction finished before basketball season in 2018.

Let’s see if that is how the ball bounces. Glad you approved the elevator for the High School. That will really be handy for those who need it. We take so much for granted – good health, unlimited mobility.           KL