If we had this weather for the Picnic, the crowds and the receipts would likely have been bigger. But I’ve heard that if wishes were horses, beggars could ride.

– You remember all those points the football team scored beating Stockton? The team could have used three of those in the Pembrooke Hill game two weeks ago and the Ash Grove game last week. Isn’t there a three-point play? Oh, right… a field goal.

If you were at the game Friday night, you likely noticed a young lady patrolling the west sideline with a telephoto lens about the size of her arm. That was Finley Keen, summer intern who has stayed on. She loves to take photos so it was a treat for her to shoot the game. I went to the other side of the field to try to scare the plays back toward her.

Just after the half, I guess Finley wanted to make me feel like I still had some role to play. She came up to me and told me the camera had stopped taking pictures for her. She had spotted the problem but didn’t know what it was. One of the windows on the top was flashing “CF Full.” I told her the Compact Flash card was full, all 4 gig of it. I don’t think I’ve ever filled that card. That burst of five or six shots keeps up with the action sometimes.

I told Finley to ask Kimball to give her the 1 gig card from the camera bag. Then I realized that Finley would likely fill it, too, since there was almost an entire half to go. So, I asked Finley give me the one gig card and I switched it with the other 4 gig card. She made it the rest of the game and so did I.

I don’t know how many hundreds of photos she took of the game, but there were many tough choices for Kimball.

I need to figure out a way to put our sports photos on our web site so you can enjoy them.

– You’ll notice that the Ambulance Board didn’t tell the media about a meeting they had last week so we couldn’t tell you. That’s a no-no.

And they are paying themselves with our tax dollars to make these great decisions.

Since they apparently have too much money, wonder what it would do if we voted to cut the sales tax in half. I think they take in half a million yearly. It lets them trade off ambulances they say are in great running condition. And that ambulance cathedral they plan to build in Stockton is going to cost close to a million dollars.

– Davis, Justin Culbertson and Tate Thoreson, with the support of sponsors, will show the Kansas City Chief/New England Patriots’ game on the former drive in screen on Harold Fugate’s property. Davis wanted to see a game on a huge screen. Kick off is a 7:30 Thursday evening. Admission is free. Can’t charge for an NFL game. KL

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