Just got a new wallpaper photo for my cell phone from Adrian on Tuesday (a photo of Van holding up his head), and news that Van had his first ear infection, a double, over the weekend.

The daycare staff alerted Adrian Monday because he was sleeping all the time. That was not a symptom when Adrian had ear infections. She took him to the doctor. His temp was 101.8.

Adrian wrote, “Van gets his first experience of amoxicillin aka bubblegum medicine. The smell of it takes me back to my childhood and probably my ear infections.” He was better on Tuesday.

-Over lunch Tuesday, Kimball, Davis and I discussed guns in schools. Kimball and Davis are in favor of school staff members carrying guns loaded with rubber bullets. They will hurt if they hit a school invader but won’t kill a student if the bullets miss the mark.

When I was delivering newspapers last Wednesday I had feedback from parent about guns in schools. The parent said, “What they really need to do something about is bullying at the school.” That parent said the student had been bullied for something like four years by the same person.

Kimball said what she would do, as a parent, is take it to the administration. I think I have heard of bullying as a cause of at least one school shooting.

So, I think the administrators of area schools should actively look for cases of bullying and snuff them out. I think maybe they should go as far as asking students in private if they have been bullied. The parent of the student who told me about bullying, nor the student, had not informed anyone in authority.

Later this week, I plan to talk to area law enforcement officials about their take on arming school staff. Then, the following week, I plan to talk to school administrators of the four schools in our coverage area.

I heard the President say, “We protect everything we value with guns, except our children in schools.”

We had long discussion Tuesday afternoon with a customer at the front counter about guns in schools after he read this week’s column. A local businessman, he’s all for arming school staff. KL

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