As I was interviewing Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck last Thursday about guns in schools, several times all I could say was, “Wow” at information and thoughts he presented. The chief has obviously given the topic a lot of thought. And he obviously knows his subject matter.

I hope you take the time to read his interview and to give it some serious thought. The lives of our students may depend on someone coming up with a solution that works.

I plan to interview county sheriffs this week. The following week, I may interview the top official in the four schools in the Sun coverage area.

– Kimball said to tell you that all the guns the city has listed for auction are on the back page of the Sun Super Shopper this week.

– She said this is the last week for the story about Kali the Polar Bear. Hope you enjoyed it.

– Adrian sent us a cell phone video of our grandson, Van, hollering at the top of his lungs. At first glance, I thought he was crying. Nope, he was just hollering.

The objects of his attention were little stuffed birds on a mobile over his crib. The mobile turned slowly as it played soft music. Kimball, the family musician, noticed that Van was or is tone deaf – never even came close to hitting a note in the music. But he was surely having a good time – hollering and kicking – with his eyes on the birds. He turned 18 weeks young last Saturday, but doesn’t seem to have any idea yet about reaching for the birds or hitting a note.

Adrian sent me a picture of him holding up his head. I forwarded it to Wanda, who worked with us for several years, with the notation: I have a new wallpaper (that’s a screen photo on a cell phone.) Back came the response from Wanda: I do, too. Wanda knew Adrian at that age and may also take an interest in raising this young ‘un, in spite of several hundred miles of separation.                  KL