ECS JUNIOR HIGH DISCOVERS HEARLDRY – Mrs. Cheryl Eslinger, an El Dorado Christian school teacher for over 30 years knows a thing or two about teaching History. Her students embarked on a very important piece of history dating back to the Middle Ages, where Cost of Arms and Castles were prevalent. Beginning in 1558, Queen Elizabeth I, also known as “Good Queen Bess” ruled over England and Ireland until her death in 1603. The students researched and discovered many great things about the “Elizabethan” era; England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada, English playwrights, William Shakespear and Christopher Marlowe, and rivals, such as Mary, Queen of Scots. Mrs. Eslinger’s class began their history adventure by building castles, mini replicas of past centuries. This led them into Heraldry, “the system by which coats of arms and other armorial bearings are devised, described, and regulated.” Each student had the opportunity to create their own personal Coat of Arms. Using the information they researched, the class completed their coat of arms, castles and papers. Isn’t it interesting how Mrs. Eslinger wove, literature, creativity, and fun, into a history class? Pictured is Rylee Bowman.

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