ECS SPRING SHOWCASE – El Dorado Christian School hosted their third annual Spring Showcase & Award Night on Thursday evening, March 21. Students in grades 7th through 12th competed in the following categories; Science, Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Art, Photography, and Keyboarding.  A Talent/Drama portion was also included as part of the Showcase, several students performed songs, skits and monologues during the evening.  Seventh graders, Cannon Ash and Noah Bland entertained the crowd with piano pieces; freshman Noah Marsh, performed on Xylophone.  Cupcakes baked by Mrs. Darla Daniel’s cooking class, were enjoyed by those in attendance.

Algebra II and Geometry awards went to two, bright ECS students.  Sophomore, Tyler Kay won gold in both categories, while classmate, Lucia Rodgers won silver, times two.

Science Awards: junior high; 1st place, Christian Steuck, 2nd place Breann Reasoner, and 3rd place, Cannon Ash.

Science Awards: senior high; 1st place, Lucia Rogers, 2nd place, Isabelle Bryson, and 3rd place, Hunter Malensek.

Math Awards:  7th grade: 1st place Breann Reasoner and 2nd place, Noah Bland.

Math Awards: 8th grade, 1st place, Olivia Bryson.

Algebra I Award:  1st place, Brenton LeeMasters.

Algebra II Awards: 1st place, Tyler Kay, and 2nd place, Lucia Rogers.

Geometry Awards:  1st place, Tyler Kay and 2nd place, Lucia Rogers.

Keyboarding-JH Awards:  1st place, Noah Bland and 2nd place, Hunter Malensek.

Keyboarding-senior high Awards:  1st place, Tyler Kay, and 2nd place Noah Marsh.

Art Awards:  1st place, Breann Reasoner, 2nd place, Lucia Rogers, and 3rd place, Jordanne Steuck.

Photography Awards: 1st place, Rylee Bowman, 2nd place Gregory Whetstone, and 3rd, Noah Marsh.