Here are the results from our meet at Lamar on Tuesday

Long Jump

-Lexis Reasoner–2nd

-Camille Bland-4th

-Forest Keith-6th

-Preston Smith-8th

Triple Jump

-Blayze McCullough-9th

-Wyatt van Gordon-10th

-Daelen Ackley-8th

-Jaren Meisenheimer-12th

High Jump

-Dillon Hargrove-1st (5’2”)

-Chance Esparza-12th


-Jake Cooper-1st (34’)

-Ryan Griffin-9th

-Caity Burchett-8th

-Susie Rohlin-13th

-Payton Green-7th

-Jaison Tucker-17th


-Jake Cooper-3rd

-Aiden Reeves-5th

-Carolyn Huff-7th

-Libby Toliver-18th

-Payton Green-5th

-James King-11th

Pole Vault

-Dalton McIntire-1st (8’)

-Garret Klaiber-3rd

100 Hurdles

-Camille Bland-6th

-Forest Keith-3rd

-Morgan Mitchell-5th

-Austin Wiegel-3rd

-Daelen Ackley-8th

100 Dash

-Wriley Taylor-4th

-Camille Bland-9th

-Dalton McIntire-3rd

-Forest Keith-7th

-Morgan Mitchell-4th

-Gracie Swopes-11th

-Chance Esparza-16th


-Morgan Mitchell, Gracie Swopes, Kenlie Rader, and Hannah Klaiber-2nd

-Dylan McIntire, Davis Floyd, Preston Smith, and Dalton McIntire-2nd

1600 Run

-Garret Klaiber-3rd

-Naudiya Anderson-7th

-Daelen Ackley-1st (5:15.34)

-Austin Wiegel-10th


-Dillon Hargrove, Chance Esparza, Payton Green, and Dalton McIntire-4th

400 Dash

-Hannah Klaiber-5th

-Paiden Smith-19th

-Connor Goatley-10th

-Kenli Rader-6th

-James King-5th

-Dylan McIntire-6th

800 Run

-Hannah Doherty-12th

-Paiden Smith-13th

-Wyatt van Gordon-9th

-Blayze McCullough-13th

-Kenli Rader-3rd

-Naudiya Anderson-10th

-Daelen Ackley-1st (2:24.44)

-Jaren Meisenheimer-6th

200 Dash

-Hannah Klaiber-4th

-Morgan Mitchell-5th

-Gracie Swopes-10th

-Preston Smith-9th

-Davis Floyd-10th


-James King, Dylan McIntire, Connor Goatley, and Garret Klaiber-4th.

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