Lighthouse Christian Academy from Springfield hosted the LCA Chargers Invitational on Saturday, April 1, in Willard. There were approximately 800 athletes with ages ranging from 8 to 18. The ECS Buffalos started off the morning with hoodies and stocking hats and by late afternoon, sunscreen was needed.

The elementary field events began at 10 sharp running until 12:30. The elementary competitions are similar to the high school events. All ages compete against one another; meaning that 8 year olds compete against athletes who are 12. With that said, it is a huge accomplishment to bring home an award. Top 6 places were awarded ribbons. Results for El Dorado Christian Elementary: Olivia Bryson, grade 6, 1st in 3200m, 1st in 1600m, 1st in 800m; Brenton LeeMasters, 3rd in triple jump, 5th in 80m hurdles; Aidan Reeves, grade 6, 4th in shot put, 6th in Discus; Ben Schmidt, grade 3, 3rd in triple jump; Christian Steuck, grade 5, 3rd place in 80m hurdles, 6th in shot put; Colbie Wood, grade 6, 4th in 400m dash, 6th in 800m run. Elementary Relay Results: 4 x 100 m relay; 5th place; Cannon Ash, Koal Caldwell, Nathan Sanderstorm, and Ben Schmidt; 800m sprint medley elem. Boys, 6th place: Rylee Bowman, Hunter Malensek, Aidan Reeves and Noah Marsh; Elementary coaches Travis and Kelly Bryson and Jill and Aaron Ash worked just as hard as the kids; keeping 18 athletes on time to events is a workout.

LCA Chargers Invitational Results: Jr High ECS Team; Isabelle Bryson, 4th in javelin; Josh Hallam, 3rd in triple jump, 4th in 800m run, 5th in 1600m run; Brayden Housh, 1st in 300m hurdles, 1st 1600m sprint medley (HS), 2nd in triple jump, and 4th in both long jump and 110m hurdles (high school); JH Relay results: 800m sprint medley girls; 3rd place, Isabelle Bryson, Olivia Bryson, Colbie Wood and India Gallette.

ECHS Results: Mindy Harper, 2nd triple jump, 3rd 100m hurdles, 4th in long jump and 400m dash, 6th in 200m dash; Seth McKinney, 1st javelin, 1st 1600m sprint medley, 2nd, 300m hurdles, 3rd 110m hurdles, 3rd in triple jump; Colten Pike, 1st in 1600m sprint medley, 3rd discus, 5th 400m dash; Drew Steuck, 1st in 800m run, 1st in 1600m spring medley, 2nd in 1600m run, 2nd in javelin, 3rd in 3200m run.

Coaches are Drs. Mike and Cammie Housh, Kevin King and Gerrad Steuck. Photos by Cammie Housh and Michelle Steuck.