by Derek Scroggins

Head ElDo Coach

Q. How’s your football team this year?

Doing very well. I’ve been impressed with their attitude and effort so far this summer.

Q. I heard you went to a camp and did very well.

Yes, we went to the Central Methodist University Football Camp and the boys did real well. We played some larger schools, like Helias Catholic, Quincy Notre Dame, Duchesne, Osage, Boonville, Southern Boone.

Our kids competed well all weekend long and I believe we were the most physical team at the camp.

Q. Who is your quarterback this year?

We had a couple of kids that did pretty well, but we probably won’t have any final decisions until August. Trey Babcock and Jake Schieffer did a really good job for us. When both of them were not playing quarterback, they are playing running back and did real well there as well.

Q. When does practice start?

We start July 31.

Q. How many boys do you have out?

We had 60 show up to at least one day of our camp in the two weeks before CMU and we had 48 go to CMU with us.

Q. So what are you thinking about the team this year?

I think we took a lot of steps in the right direction over the last two weeks.  Our kids came together real well and grew as a team. We are quick, aggressive and gaining confidence. I’m pretty excited about the potential that we have.

Q. Is the first game the Cedar Bowl?


Q. And it’s going to be here this year, isn’t it?


Q. What type of offense do you use?

We are using the same offense we have used the past three years and trying to utilize the weapons that we have.

Q. What else can you tell me about your team?

Our kids have done a great job in getting stronger, faster, quicker, and in better shape. We’ve got another two months to improve and we will see where we are for our first day of practice on the 31st of July.

Q. Who are your assistant coaches?

David Carpenter is the defensive coordinator, Travis Payne is offensive coordinator, Robert Jansen coaches the defensive line, Eddie Long coaches the defensive backs, Justin Pflug coaches the outside linebackers and Jay Martin coaches the running backs.

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