NATIONAL CHAMPION – by Renshi Riaan Van Dyk.

Kansas City, KS, was again the host city for the Mid-West Karate National Championships and World Kickboxing & Karate Association Team USA Trials. It was a proud moment for the tournament host as hundreds of competitors from across the nation filled the Kansas City, Kansas, Community College Sports Center, lined up saluted the Flag and then sang the National Anthem.  After a blessing was said over all competitors and the event the Nationals was declared open.

Competition this year was fierce as points chasers are trying to earn every last point they can as there are only a few tournaments left on the National Sport Karate Circuit for this year.

One of these points chasers is our area’s own Hunter Malensek who represents Team Van Dyk’s Karate and the S.W.A.T. National Karate Team. Hunter is currently leading the points standing in his division this season but the division race is still a close one. Hunter competes in the 13 – 15 Youth Intermediate Division in three different diciplines. Being the junior competitor in his division is not very easy for Hunter as he is only 13 and the older boys can be tough competitors. But Hunter is a go getter, never backs down from a challenge and loves what he does. Hunter is very dedicated and he has been putting in long hours of practice and is always very determined and focused on being the best, being consistent and keeping that competitive edge. His training and practice has brought him much success so far this year and again the training paid off very well as he had a clean sweep of his division. Three events and three wins is how Hunter finished the Day at the Mid-West Nationals.

With Hunter’s wins he not only claimed the National Championship Titles but has earned himself a spot on the WKA USA National Karate Team.