Greetings, My Fellow Missourians

I attended very informative meetings led by the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission last Thursday.  The KBRPC Transportation Advisory Council provided updates on transportation funding, projects, area-wide issues, and an explanation of Proposition D and the many organizations, businesses, and state leaders that endorse it, some of which I mentioned in the Capitol Report on 9/13/18.   The KBRPC Board of Directors then discussed current issues at length, and I provided information on the new prevailing wage laws at that time to the group that included several area mayors and county commissioners in attendance.

HB1729, that went into effect on August 28, 2018, makes several changes to the prevailing wage system.  On any public works projects valued at $75,000 and under, these are not subject to the prevailing wage law.  Any public works projects valued less than $10,000 are not subject to a competitive bidding process.  Please be aware that no project may be split up into smaller projects valued at less than $75,000 to evade the requirement to pay prevailing wage or public works contracting minimum wage.

Above $75,000, public works projects are subject to prevailing wage or public works contracting minimum wage depending on whether 1,000 hours are reported:   1) If it is under 1,000 hours, the public works contracting minimum wage of 120% of the average county wage will be used instead of the prevailing wage; or 2) If it is above 1,000 hours, the prevailing wage rate shall be a weighted average of the total wage fringe benefit package of all journeyman hours submitted by contractors.  (Only hours reported by contractors on non-residential projects will be used to calculate the annual wage order.)

Applying to public works projects over $75,000, the hours worked on holidays will be paid at twice the normal rate (including fringe benefits).  Overtime will be paid at time and a half of the normal rate (including fringe benefits).  As well, contractors may employ one “apprentice” or “entry-level” worker for each journeyman hired and pay them 50% of the pay (including fringe benefits) of a journeyman in their same occupational title.

For additional information, please go to the Missouri Department of Labor website:  Prevailing Wage Information.

On Monday, Marla and I enjoyed attending the Hickory County Relay for Life event at the McCarty Senior Center in Wheatland.  Today, Thursday, I presented a report to several members of the Thomas Hart Benton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  My Revolutionary War report was on the famous frontiersman and trailblazer, Daniel Boone.  I also gave a brief update on the progress of designating the Butterfield Overland Stagecoach Trail from Tipton, Missouri, westward to the state of California as a part of the National Trails System.

Public transportation priorities meeting:

Meetings will be held during October with planning partners in each of MoDOT’s seven state districts for a general discussion on the current condition of the state transportation system, how MoDOT currently spends its resources to take care of transportation assets, and how additional funding resulting from Proposition D could best be used to consider regional priorities, if voters approve the measure in November.  These meetings will lay the groundwork for the development of the next Statewide Transportation Improvement Program that will set MoDOT’s construction commitments for 2020-2024.  District 125 is covered by MoDOT’s Southwest District and this planning meeting will take place on October 17th in Springfield, MO, at the Missouri Career Center, Southern Hills Shopping Center, 2900 East Sunshine.  The public is invited to attend and input is welcomed.

Mo voter registration deadline is October 10th:

All Missourians who wish to vote in November who haven’t registered to vote must do so by theOctober 10 voter registration deadline.  Missourians who are unsure of their voter status may check online at this MO Secretary of State website:

Individuals who are not registered to vote must meet the following criteria in order to register:

*17 1⁄2 years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

*US Citizen

*Missouri Resident

Potential voters cannot be:

*Incarcerated, on parole, or probation due to a felony conviction.

*Convicted of a felony related to voting or elections.

In order to register to vote, Missourians must submit a completed voter registration application to their local election authority. This can be done in person at the following locations:

*The office of their local election authority

*At a drivers licensing office while applying for or renewing a driver’s license

*At a designated state agency while the applicant is obtaining services from the agency. Examples of state agencies providing registration applications to their clients include Division of Family Services, Military Recruitment, or WIC.

*A library

When registering in person, applicants are required to present a form of personal identification. A voter can also register to vote by mail by completing a post card voter registration application. Missourians can request a voter registration application from their local election authority or from this Missouri Secretary of State website:

Inaugural Parson family fall festival at governor’s mansion:

Governor Mike Parson announced today that the first annual Parson Family Fall Festival will be held at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion on Saturday, October 6. The free event will run from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and will feature vendors, activities for kids, and a bluegrass band for musical entertainment.

Over a dozen vendors will be on the Mansion South Lawn and driveway. There will also be a train for children to ride.  Fall treats like caramel apples, fresh apple cider, and kettle corn will be provided. Activities will include a photo booth, pumpkin painting, straw maze, face paintings, and much more.  Mansion tours will be made available and popular local performers will provide bluegrass music for everyone to enjoy.   The event is free and open to the public, and no registration is required.  For further questions about this event, contact the Missouri Governor’s Mansion at 573-751-4141.