With no business on the agenda, the Cedar County Ambulance Board had about a 30 minute meeting on Monday, Dec. 23, with all present: Robert Graves, Diana Johnson, Evelyn Boyle, Keith Kasco – sec/treas., Nadine Sinclair – vice chairman and Rusty Norval – chairman.

CPA Kalena Bruce presented the monthly financial report with the usual monthly bills, no additional expenses. The board approved the report. 

The proposed budget was presented. Most of the board had already studied it as it had been distributed in November. There was minimal discussion about the purchase of a new ambulance in 2021 and possibly locking in the price around August. The board approved the budget.

In his manager’s report. lTom Ryan said everything is running well. †ruck 714 had the brakes relines and 715 is going in for service aftr Christmas. The board approved the report.

The meeting adjourned at 7:04 p.m.