Crystal Holder, RN, WCC, recently received certification from the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy of successful completion of all requirements and demonstration of proficiency and mastery of essential knowledge in wound care and is now duly credentialed. Crystal received her RN from Fort Scott Community College nearly 13 years ago and has worked at Cedar County Memorial Hospital for two years. She commented that she is, “Happy to add this certification to her medical qualifications to enable her to help those suffering from pressure wounds, trauma wounds and burns, or whatever patient need may arise requiring treatment.”

She and her husband James live in El Dorado Springs and together have three sons, Jacob, Blake and Kaden. When she isn’t working or taking care of family responsibilities, she enjoys a good shopping trip. When asked about her time at Cedar County Memorial Hospital, she commented, “I have worked at larger hospitals than this and I believe it is important for people to know the importance of the hospital, its place in our community, and especially for everyone to know that the level of care here is much more personal and caring, something that you just don’t always seem to get in a larger facility.”