For the first time that anyone recalls, the El Dorado Springs R-II Board held a virtual meeting – just five board members in front of a large screen TV with members and administrators on the monitor.

The reason: one of the administrators tested positive for Covid and exposed everyone else in the office. That person has since tested clean but the rest of the staff wouldn’t be out of quarantine until the following Tuesday.

Present were Chad Whitesell, Mark Burley, Craig Carpenter, Nathan Murry and Josh Floyd presiding. Absent were RJ Kinnett and Bennie Brower.

In closed session, the board approved early graduates.

The board hired Sheila Santellano to teach High School English. The board approved Debra Marsh as High School Student Council sponsor.

Covid status update. Supt. Heath Oates reviewed what the Governor was proposing to require all students to wear masks. The board approved.

The board agreed with the superintendent’s proposal to wait until after Thanksgiving to return students to school and everybody wear a mask.

Facility maintenance and capital improvement committee report by Mr. Oates.

School Property and Liability Insurance: Only bid received from Connell Inc. $195,149.

The board voted to accept the Connell Inc. bid.

The board approved the bid from Fisher to respray and paint the track for $45,135.

The board took no action on Apple Bus request for pre-arranged shutdown payment.

The board approved the election notice for two members to file from Dec. 15 – Jan. 19.

The board approved the coaches job description as presented.

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