Municipal Band Expresses Thanks
The Municipal Band wishes to thank the many community members who came out to listen to the Mark Koca Memorial Concert last Saturday evening. It was the family’s desire to fill the park with folks whose lives have been touched by Mark in some way and you did not disappoint! Our park was filled with people to show the Koca family some love!! I have said for a long time that we play better when we have a crowd and Saturday evening surely proved that. We had a difficult concert, but I believe we sounded and played pretty good. We had some returning band members who wanted to honor Mark by joining the band for the evening and that no doubt helped us sound better too.
Anyway, we would like to thank the community and the returning band members for turning out that evening to celebrate a good man and show his family some love and support.
As we all know this is Picnic Week. I’d just like you to know that the Band has special times to play during Picnic Week. We play Thursday at 6 pm, Friday at 6 pm, and Saturday at 7 pm. Sunday we will play at 2 pm as usual. We’d love to play for you!
Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Thursday, July 21

* Picnic 6 p.m.
1 Aces of the Air
2 Big Cage
3 Armed Forces Salute
4 Call to Victory
5 Liberty Fleet
6 Manhattan Beach
7 Missouri Waltz
8 Pretty Baby
9 When Saints Go Marching In
10 Swingin’ Safari
11 Left Heart-San Francisco
12 Kansas City
13 You’re A Grand Old Flag
14 God Bless America

Friday, July 22
* Picnic 6 p.m.
1 Missouri Waltz
2 Bombardier
3 Night Flight
4 Pie in the Face Polka
5 76 Trombones
6 Salutation
7 Walking Frog
8 Second Connecticut
9 Yellow Rose of Texas
10 Blue Danube
11 Ballad of Green Beret
12 101 – #32, #33, #34
13 Mister Touchdown USA
14 God Bless America

Saturday, July 23
* Picnic 7 p.m. (Polka Night)
1 Jenny Lind Polka
2 Clarinet Polka
3 Pennsylvania Polka
4 Pie in the Face Polka
5 Big Band Polka
6 Baruska
7 Beer Barrel Polka (B)
8 Polka #1
9 Lindenau Polka
10 Liechtensteiner Polka
11 Circus Polka
12 Polka #9
13 Schnitzelbank
14 God Bless America

Sunday, July 24
1 Flute Choice
2 Clarinet Choice
3 Sax Choice
4 Tenor Sax Choice
5 Trumpet Choice
6 Trombone Choice
7 Baritone Choice
8 French Horn Choice
9 Tuba Choice
10 Percussion Choice
11 Director Choice
12 God Bless America
13 Star Spangled Banner

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