Four More Weekends of City Band this Summer!

If you are planning to come out to listen to some Summer Band concerts, we only have four more weekends of concerts this summer. The sad part is that this is when we say good-by to many of our band members as they head off to college. We try to play some of each band member’s favorite songs at the end of the summer, so I guess you will find out what OUR favorite songs are.
Come on down on Friday and Saturday evening from 8 to 9 pm and Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3 to listen to YOUR Municipal Band. We love to play for YOU! Stay cool this week!
Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Friday, Aug. 6

1 Silver Jubilee
2 Ohio Division
3 True Blue
4 Indiana State Band
5 Big Cage
6 Trumpet Choice
7 Polka
8 Allied Honor
9 You Are My Sunshine
10 March Gloria
11 Anchors Aweigh
12 Yellow Rose of Texas
13 God Bless America

Saturday, Aug. 6
1 United Nations
2 Blue Tango
3 Steel King
4 On Wisconsin
5 Washington Grays
6 Horse and Buggy
7 Polka
8 Trombone Choice
9 Miss Liberty
10 Officer of the Day
11 King Cotton
12 Blame It on The Bossa Nova
13 God Bless America

Sunday, Aug. 7
1 101 – #32, #33, #34
2 Greater Pittsburgh
3 Gallant Marines
4 Chicago Tribune
5 Westlawn Dirge
6 The Defending Circle
7 Polka
8 French Horn Choice
9 Bon Voyage
10 Swing Low
11 Tennessee Waltz
12 Liberty Bell
13 God Bless America
14 Star Spangled Banner