TOPS Chapter 319 El Dorado Springs met in the Church Of Christ Meeting Room on Thursday, Oct. 6.

Kay led us in singing “Take Me Out To The Chapter”. We said our TOPS & KOPS Pledges and Robbie led us in roll call.

Twenty-five members weighed in and the chapter had a net loss of 2.6. Sandi was the week’s best loser with a loss of 2.4 lbs.

Robbie reminded us with winter coming on to remember if the weather is bad and school is called off due to bad roads we will NOT hold a TOPS meeting. So listen to the news to see if school is in session before you head out to your TOPS meeting.

Marilyn presented awards today. She said September was not a good month for us as we ended up with a 5.2 net gain for the month.

Sheryl Ann was the winner of free dues for the month.

Becky M was the best loser for the month of September with a loss of 3.8.

Marilyn reminded us since her loss was less than 5 lbs she did not win the pot. The pot is now sitting at $7.72 so who ever loses most in October will win quite a bit of money.

Susan received her certificate and charm for her 20 lb loss.

Juanita received her certificate and charm for 6 weeks continual loss and certificate for 20 pounds to goal and is now On The Stick.

KOPS IN Leeway are: Marie, Marilyn, Dorothy, Marguerite, Paul, Linda H, Sharon, Jean, Melanie and Carol.

Thanks to Marilyn and Carol who compile all these figures each month.

We sang “Happy Birthday to Linda W and Kay.”

Sharon is celebrating 8 years at a KOPS.

Robbie announced the KOPS Society meeting date has been changed to Saturday, Oct. 29 instead of Nov. 5. This will still be held at the Golden Corral in Springfield.

Chris won the chance to draw for the marble but got the green one.

Robbie’s thought for the day:

“Do not apologize for”: needing time alone, speaking your mind, asking for help, taking time to respond to a message, your past mistakes, saying “NO”, having a messy house, telling the truth, doing well in life and how you truly feel.

We welcome anyone who is interested in losing weight. That includes men, women, teenagers and even children above the age of seven.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life as the saying goes so it is a good day to make a life changing decision. We often remind ourselves that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We are here to help you break the cycle and have fun doing it. Please consider joining us.

For more information, call Robbie Chase at 417/876-0233 or Juda at 876-4888. Or TOPS toll free number 1 800/932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

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