Twilight Gardeners Garden Clubs January meeting was held at United Methodist Church, with President Ursula Fuller calling the meeting to order.  Club Collect was recited.  There was 9 members in attendance.

Committee reports: Continue collecting Best Choice labels.  It was suggested we setup a work day each month to work in the Pink Garden. Garage Sale date was set for June 5-6, 2020.

Unfinished Business: It was indicated Carol Stevens of Springfield will be the Assistant Director Southwest District. Carol P will meet with Eco Tots in February.

New Business: John R. assigned the remaining funds for the Pink Garden to the treasure to be used as needed for the Pink Garden.  It was discussed and motion made by Sharon make John a lifetime member of the club, Carolyn W. 2nd, the motion.

Carolyn W. gave information about Senate Bill 391 and encouraged all to call our Governor and Missouri representative.

Program: was given by Carol P. who has been breeding and raising horses for equine therapy for many years.  “Horses helping Humans” Man and Horse have had connections for centuries, for farming, military and pleasure.  They are used for the young and old for therapy.  Carol has had many travels state wide and abroad for horse events.  Horses also, make contributions for medical needs.  Many beautiful pictures and interesting information was given.  Very good program.

Refreshments enjoyed by all, Thanks, Jennifer B.

Our Garden Club welcomes new member.

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