The morning message at Rockville United  Methodist Church by Pastor Larry Sorrells was titled “Abide” from John 15:1-8. You are always welcome to join us Sunday at 9 a.m. for Worship.  Women’s Bible Study Thursday 5 p.m.

Mt. Zion area is looking a lot more like Spring.  Gardens are up, yards need mowing, mushrooms being found, fishing good, flowers blooming, farmers working their fields and some rain. Things are good in the Mt. Zion area.

Mt. Zion Club will meet April 28, in the Marge Zink home all-day meeting. At noon soup and sandwiches and dessert will be served.  Special program after lunch.

Dixie Peterson is doing good with her therapy at Truman Lake Manor. Did take the time to go to the dentist and got good news.

Julia Snethen is feeling better after a couple of trips to the doctor. Did make it to the beauty shop. John and Julia and Ron Thompson were out shopping Saturday ending up in Boliver finding what they wanted.

Julia Ann Brock, Donna Harris and Sheri Suster have all been patients at the hospital. Glad they are doing better.

Wanda Rector has proved that she is a great grandmother. When Debbie Rector’s granddaughter told her that for her special time with her; let’s spend the night with grandma Wanda, so they did, at a great time was had by all.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle’s wait has ended; the eggs have hatched baby chicks. This has created a new problem for Belle. Now she is locked out of the chicken house until the chicks are bigger. Robin has been working on the same little people’s blankets for a week or more. Spring brings more outside work.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey think they surely must have everything repaired this week the furnace and lawnmower and log splitter and tractor all get some work done to them. They were thankful it wasn’t them that need repair. Tom found  some mushrooms which he shared with the neighbors.

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