by Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn Entrikin went to the Entrikin’s family Christmas at Rich Hill. There were 43 that attended. It was noisy but lots of fun and of course, lots of good food. She was so tied that night, she slept very well. The day always goes by to quickly.

Christmas Eve Wesley Luther, from Warrensburg, came to spend the day with Tex McKinley and Dora Jean. A good time was had by everyone. Presents were exchanged and movies were watched. After the first cold spell , we enjoyed the warmers days. The holiday goes by too fast.

Happy New Year.

Not only did Dora Jean see Patty Vaaca and Marilyn Entrikin, she saw Tresea Brewer. Tresea had her pretty pink sweater on. Talk about a day at Wal-Mart with friends I knew.

Marilyn Entrikin said Kenny and Debbie Entrikin are back from vacation from St. Louis. Jim Entrikin was in North Carolina. He flew down and drove back with Andy for Christmas. This is not the world she grew up in. If she crosses the state line she had a trip. She had a very great trip.

Now that Christmas is over, she will be confused what day it is. A day to take down the Christmas decoration, and all the good memories.