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Collect moments, not things.

This is the Downs mantra. This is what we aim to live by on this side of heaven. It’s been several years now since we shifted the way we live, creating more moments rather than collecting more things. And so we’re clear, I love things, but what the hubs and I learned is, things are so temporary and moments, they create memories that last a lifetime!

I’d much rather have a vault full of moments turned into memories than a safe full of hundred-dollar bills.

I live for moments. Moments with my family and friends; moments with my Jesus. Moments are why I love to travel so much.

If I’m going to invest money, I want it to invest in opportunities that create moments shared with the ones I love, like travel. There are things my kids love and are passionate about; we invest in those. Hunting; we invest in it because it creates lifelong memories shared by my husband and our children. Each one of our kids has things they are passionate about that we invest in because of the moments they build.

Moments are sweet. Moments are special, but they come with a warning. There is a dark side to moments. If we aren’t careful, we can get so wrapped up in our moments we forget about the moment. The moment that we will all one day face; the day we enter eternity.

I know many people who live their life carefree of tomorrow. Unconcerned by the consequences of their carefree lifestyle. Unconcerned by the truth that this world is not our final destination. Living for moments with no thought to the repercussions we’re creating for ourselves and those close to us.

Scriptures remind us that while we live in this world, we are not of this world. We have a final destination and what we live for here will influence our destination there.

What moment are you living for? Are you living for the next fix, the next paycheck, the next episode, the next like, the next touch, the next trip, the next… fill in the blank?

Too often we are living life for moments like these, when we ought to think about and live for the moment.

As I’m writing to you, my mind keeps racing back to the rich young ruler in scripture (Matthew 19). The young man in this story wanted so badly to inherit the kingdom of God, but when Jesus asked him to give away all his riches, he opted out. He was more worried about his next payday and his riches than eternity. The Bible says he went away sad. Not because he wasn’t invited into the kingdom, but because he lived for the here and now. Collecting his things, living for moments full of riches, rather than the moment!

Jesus was amazing at this. He lived His life making the most of the moments He was given and always thinking of what was to come and always thinking of you. How different would your life look if you lived each moment not focused on the here and now, but with your eyes fixed on the moment?

I want to make the most of every precious moment I’m given here, but I also want to live and lead in a way that my attention, my choices, and my lifestyle reflect my final destination.

What moment are you living for, friend? Are you living for the moment? Or are you wandering around this world living for the next best thing? If you chose the latter, there is hope and His name is Jesus. Take a moment and ask Him for help.

Cassie Downs is a speaker and author of Chasing Jesus, a 60 day devotional, and founder of Everyday Jesus Ministry. Connect with Cassie on Facebook, Instagram, or online at Her book is available online where most books are sold.

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