County Commissions will soon be able to better afford the cost of maintaining and supporting their cemeteries thanks to the efforts of state Rep. Jim Kalberloh. Kalberloh’s language to provide assistance to county commissions was contained in SB 886, which was signed into law today by Gov. Mike Parson.
Kalberloh originally filed his language in HB 2143. The language authorizes county commissions to use a part of the principal of a cemetery trust fund for the support and maintenance of the cemetery when the net income of the trust fund is insufficient for those purposes. While HB 2143 did not make it across the legislative finish line, Kalberloh was able to add the language to SB 886. With the governor’s signature, it becomes the first piece of legislation authored by Kalberloh to become law.
“I want to thank Gov. Parson and my colleagues in the House and Senate for supporting this much-needed change. This is a small change but one that will make a big difference for our small and rural counties as they to afford the maintenance for these cemeteries,” said Kalberloh, R-Lowry City.
With the governor’s signature, SB 886 and Kalberloh’s provision will become law on August 28.