Citizens of the 125th District,

Another busy and productive week at the state capitol this week.  As the second half of session is upon us, things are moving faster and bills getting to the floor to be heard and going through the process to be sent to the Senate for their approval.

HB 738 – Election Law Reform- numerous changes in this bill include, require election authorities to clean up voter roles.  Starting Jan. 2022, that only paper ballots be used with the exception of voting equipment used for the disabled.  And that photo I.D. must be presented to vote.

HB 627 – Missouri Education Savings Program.  The state is going to set up an account for every child born after Jan. 1, with $100 in it. This will be managed by the states treasurer’s office.  Funds will come from the interest incurred by the treasurer’s office.  If the child at age 18 is still a Missouri resident and chooses to go to a Missouri college or vocational school, they are then given this money.

HB 850 – modifies provisions for ballot summary language adopted by the General Assembly. The bill prohibits the modification of summary statements or ballot language approved by the General Assembly for Constitutional amendments or statutory measures. Courts will not have jurisdiction to rewrite or edit such language prior to placing it on the ballot.

Over spring break I had the opportunity to attend the Boring Coffee Club meeting with former Rep. Love and meet with this great group of guys from the Warsaw area.  I considered it an honor and a privilege to join in their conversation, and was even invited back, if I would bring some donut holes with me.

State Representative Jim Kalberloh

District 125

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