Another busy week with lots of learning involved as we approved the budget, my first involvement with this, for next year for the state of Missouri. After nearly 8 hours on the floor and lots of vigorous debate, we approved that and sent it to the Senate. As there is too much to print here concerning the budget, if you have any particular questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me about them. Other business conducted this week were:

HBs 557 & 560 adds a process by which an “exempt-from-licensure residential care facility” is required to notify the Department of Social Services (DSS) of their existence and compliance with provisions that protect the safety of the children in residence. Facilities like these are exempted from any regulation due to their supposed religious nature and this bill will allow some oversight without interference in any religious curriculum or practices. This bill is critical for the protection of children and is a bare minimum requirement to provide notification of the existence of the home, and access to children.

HB 529 establishes the “Missouri-Made Fuels Act”, which specifies that all diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri for use in internal combustion engines must contain at least the following stated percentage of biodiesel fuel oil by volume on and after the following dates: (1) April 1, 2023, until March 31, 2024 – 5 percent; and (2) Beginning April 1, 2024 – 10 percent. Supporters say biodiesel was invented in Missouri and over 200 million gallons are produced in the state each year, but much of it is exported to other states. Biodiesel is a low emission diesel fuel option that can help Missouri meet the renewable fuels standards. This bill would provide for a roll out of a statewide biodiesel fuel standard that would create jobs and grow the state’s agricultural economy, while providing an environmentally friendly fuel option.

HB 834 creates provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs. Beginning March 1, 2023, and annually thereafter, a pharmacy benefits manager utilized by the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan shall file a report with the Plan for the immediately preceding calendar year regarding rebates. The report will include the aggregate dollar amount of rebates collected from pharmaceutical manufacturers, the aggregate dollar amount of the rebates that were not passed on to the Plan, and the aggregate dollar amount of all fees and payments received from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Supporters say the bill is needed to save the consumers from being forced to pay too much and buy medications from specific pharmacies, especially online services that are not safe for some medications.

HB 262 Currently, a veteran may have a veteran designation placed on his or her driver’s license if he or she provides specified information. This bill requires the Department to place the designation on the front of the driver’s license. . Additionally, supporters claimed that moving the designation to the front of the license could help veterans in avoiding a situation in which they would have to self-identify as a veteran since authority figures will be more easily alerted to veteran status. Supporters said this is preferable especially in the case of disabled veterans.

While on spring break two weeks ago, along with former Representative Love, we met in El Dorado Springs with the committee on Discover more on 54. This is an awesome group that started about 5 years ago and are trying to promote towns and business along Missouri Hwy. 54. The 100 mile garage sale that happens each Labor Day Weekend is growing each year and is a big success in many communities along the way. Former Representative Love kind of handed over his position on that board to me and I am excited about working in this endeavor.

State Representative Jim Kalberloh

District 125