IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH – Becky Arnold and Galen Gazaway married in a ceremony at Radio Springs Park in Nevada on April 19, 1986 – six weeks after they started dating. This was a second marriage for both of them. According to Becky, “We didn’t know what we were getting into, but we knew what we didn’t want”

Galen brought three sons to the marriage and two years after they married they had and another boy.

They’ve spent 34 years together.

In July 2019, Galen started requiring full time care and Becky became his care giver. When Becky needed surgery, he entered Community Springs in Dec. 2019. Besides physical problems he was struggling with dementia.

Becky said, “I had two or three people tell me the story of a woman in Florida who went to work at the nursing home to be close to her husband. When a fourth friend mentioned it, she wondered if God was trying to tell her something. She had to go to her sister’s house to apply online.

The next day she was hired in the food service department. She went to work in the fall of 2020.  Before she went to work at Community Springs, she didn’t get to see him every day. And he forgot who she was.

After the frequency of her visits increased to two or more times a day, he has remembered her.

Becky is grateful for every good day. In addition to getting to be with Galen, she has learned to love the residents.

Becky says. “I lost him once and I’ll lose him again. But the most important part is that we will be together again.”

….Because of the whirlwind nature of their courtship they were told it wouldn’t last.