VOTER TURNOUT GOOD – The 20.34% voter turnout for Cedar County for the April 2 election was one of the highest in the state, according to County Clerk Heather York. Of the 10 precincts (nine physical precincts plus absentees) the proposed levy increase of 45.86 cents only gained voter approval in the two El Dorado Springs precincts and not by an overwhelming majority. County Clerk York said she heard four complaints from voters about the levy increase request: 1) It was too much all at one time, 2) voters did not feel they got an answer to their question about whether services would be returned that had been eliminated in Stockton and El Dorado Springs, 3) voters said the hospital did not tell voters its plans for spending the money and 4) voters asked why they should pay more for Cedar County Memorial Hospital when they go to the hospital in Bolivar.